Niners fans have had enough with Marcus, Devey, and Pears. Is it time for a youth movement?

Fans are banging the drum and calling for the heads of that vaunted right offensive line.

49ers Drum line

It looks so obvious. Apparently, not obvious enough for Jim Tomsula and co.

But 49er beat writers and fans alike think it’s time to see what these draft picks can do.

Throw in the cliche that if it walks like a duck, and so on and so forth. Jordan Devey and Erik Pears were available for a reason and they have been sitting ducks in the first three weeks. Marcus Martin was the most beat lineman in training camp as well and hasn’t stopped the bleeding as he has been beat repetitively.

Pro Football Focus had Erik Pears ranked last among guards last year. The next worst guard was Jordan Devey. You could often see twitter remarks last year about how Devey would likely end Tom Brady’s career due to problem pass protection that got him benched. Marcus Martin was in every daily training camp article by getting beat in live action or 1vs1 drills including making Arik Armstead look like the second coming of Calais.

If these guys are so bad, why do they start? It could be because the staff thinks just like you do when you play fantasy football. Do I start the backup runningback who seems to get all the redzone carries, or the every down back that gets 84 yards and no touchdowns. You are likely to pick the guy who is on the field longer or has been on the field longer. Or perhaps, they aren’t ready to call these guys failures.

Well, maybe guys like Brandon Thomas, Andrew Tiller, and Trenton Brown have been lackluster. Well, let’s compare when we’ve seen them on the field.

Versus the Texans, Brandon Thomas had the highest Pro Football Focus grade of the team at +2.7 overall versus the Texans. Andrew Tiller had a +2.2.  Meanwhile, Marcus Martin had a -2.0 grade.

Trenton Brown had the game’s highest grade in preseason versus the Cowboys at +1.7 including beating Greg Hardy on a screen. That’s a pro bowl effort. What did Erik Pears have for that game? -1.4 for two hurries in six snaps.

Note: the rookies did not play against top-tier talent for most of the preseason games.

But, the starters on the right have allowed us to be last place in pass protection this season.

If you are ranked last in pass protection, you can’t get any worse if you start the younger guys.

Well, maybe you can get worse, but personal worst.

However, if you can’t find a positive score for Martin, Devey, and Pears, then it’s time to move on.

Unfortunately, in this week’s press conference, Coach Tomsula has stated that there will be no changes to the existing lineup. That’s a shame since we should see what these young guys have under the hood. Since we already know what the three stooges have.

Note: Daniel Kilgore will resume his role as center when he comes back from injury.


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