Who is to blame for the 49ers struggles?

With the recent struggles of the 49ers it’s easy to put all the blame on Colin Kaepernick because he’s the face of the franchise. It will truly be unfair to put all the blame on the former rising star QB.  Let’s share the blame.

The 49ers offensive line has been horrendous these first 4 weeks.  Most of the blame has to go to the right side of that line including the center.  You’re probably saying Baalke did his best to replace the guys that left especially Anthony Davis who abruptly retired before training camp.  If his best was to trade for the worst left guard and left tackle in the season then yea he did his best.  There were guys at home waiting for a call.  Evan Mathis was available and so was Jake Long.  Baalke went the cheap route and hoped that his patchwork offensive line would work.  4 weeks into the season I think it’s time to give those young guys a chance.  I won’t go into detail on who i’m talking about since my colleague has already written about it in a previous post. Right now no QB can succeed behind this offensive line.


The coaching staff hasn’t put Kaepernick in a position to succeed since week 1.  In week 1  the play calling required Kaepernick to move around in the pocket and there were designed rollouts to give him time to look down the field. Geep Chryst and his play calling need to find a way to get the ball out of his hands quicker or design plays that will move his launch point because right now the pocket isn’t there.  Take a look at what the Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) are doing with Alex Smith.  If you take a look at the play calling the calls are mostly 2-3 step drops and quick passes.  Why??? because they also have one of the worst offensive line in the league.  They’ve had some injuries and free agent losses.  The’ve been able to move the ball and score because of the plays.

Baalke and Jed York need to get some blame or maybe the majority of it.  Baalke went and drafted Arik Armstead instead of drafting a cornerback that we desperately needed.  Passing up on Marcus Peters who is a starter with the Chiefs. Hoping that 2 draft picks who were hurt from last season can produce.  As much as I like Acker and Reaser these 2 aren’t ready to be starters.  These two are basically in their rookie season.

So, ultimately who is to blame for the 49ers struggles?

It wouldn’t be fair to put it all on Colin Kaepernick.  The guy is human after all.   The organization as a whole needs to take blame for the struggles.



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