The scouting report was correct. Mostly. The 49ers played how we thought they would. Mostly.

Before we recap the game, let me recap the scouting report predictions. Was Play of the Bay correct on their predictions?

Instrument Of Evil?

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The Giants will not allow Hyde to reach 100 yards. TRUE. Although, Hyde would have a respectable 93 yards on 21 carries and exceeded the 3.1 yard rushing defense that New York is used to putting up.

Celek will be fantasy worthy. KINDA TRUE. Generally, you should want to have at least 10 points to be fantasy relevant. In standard leagues, his 26 yards and 1 touchdown gets 8 points, but 11 points in PPR leagues. For 49ers fans, what was most important was his touchdown grab.

Kaepernick should have enough time to make throws. TRUE. How about only two sacks allowed? Andrew Tiller was part reason, but it was also Kaepernick’s decision making that allowed him to avoid eating dirt and converting from 3rd and a million.

The Giants will score one or less rushing touchdowns, but only average 3.1 yards or less. KINDA FALSE. The Giants scored no rushing touchdowns, but averaged 4.0 yards per carry.

The Giants will not allow a sack. TRUE. Despite very physical play and some questionable holding on the offense, Aaron Lynch and Corey Lemonier were not able to come up with a sack.

The 49ers defense will hold the Giants to a worse performance than Aaron Rodgers. COMPLETELY FALSE. I expected the defense to have another solid game and to establish an identity on defense. That didn’t happen and it was a collective effort. In fact, it was Manning’s best passing performance of his career with 41 completions on 54 throws.

Overall. 4/6 on predictions. Can we read the minds of the Ravens next week? In the words of the famous psychic, the Magic 8 Ball, ASK AGAIN LATER.


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