49er fans and faith. Being a 49er faithful only means one thing.

It’s a common thread in 49ers discussion boards and 49ers Facebook posts. There’s always someone who is complaining and someone who is complaining about people complaining.

Mostly, it’s over the term, 49er Faithful.

Fans are getting challenged about their fandom and their dedication to the team by saying they are not faithful. One side argues that to be faithful means that you can not voice any dissatisfaction over the play or decisions of the team’s players, coaches, and ownership while the other contends

This is one of the reasons why 49ers beat writers like Ann Killion and Tim Kawakami have met their share of fans who are anti-criticism.

If you belong to any Niners Discussion Groups on Facebook, you likely have seen post threads like this.


or some kind of Faithful Manifesto like this.


The debate has 49ers fans on each sides of the argument. So it was time to have a discussion and I reached out to respected members of the fan base and these were some of the comments made.

“I don’t use words like “Faithful” or “true fan” – it’s not my business to judge how someone chooses to be a fan.”

“Being faithful does not mean ignoring faults imo (in my opinion). We stick with em win or lose but they should be held accountable.”

“I don’t think anybody can define how someone should behave as fan in that regard.”


Then, what does it mean to be a 49er Faithful.

It’s simple. One thing is agreed upon across the board. Faithful means that you favor the 49ers at all times. If no matter what the players do, the coaches call, or the front office signs, you can say that the 49ers are your favorite team, then that is the only prerequisite for being a fan. Doesn’t matter how you choose to be a fan. If at the end of the day, the 49ers are your favorite team. Then, you are faithful. Faithfulness has no levels. It’s just one. Faithful. No one can be more faithful than another as long as they both favor the 49ers. They are faithful.

If their fan philosophy of being a fan conflicts with your fan philosophy, then you are in luck. There are other like minded people that shares your fan philosophy and they have made a venue for you to do so thanks to the internet and one was mentioned in the pictures above.

Enjoy the game, faithful.



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