The 49ers are a bad football team; ownership and management should be ashamed

The 49ers are a bad football team.   They flat-out stink and the 49ers ownership and management should be ashamed.

Jed York should be ashamed and he should refund all the season ticket holders back their money.  To put out a product like that out on the field is down right disrespectful to us faithful.  Baalke should be stripped of his executive of the year award.  This so-called team he’s put out on the field has at least setback this franchise 2-3 years.

Offensively there’s nothing going on.  The play calling has been questionable.  The biggest problem is the offensive line.  Jordan Devey and Erik Pears continue to start and continue to play really bad.  Tonight I witnessed back to back sacks. One given up by Pears and then the following play Devey gives one up.  I don’t understand why Tiller or Brown aren’t getting any snaps.  Anyone is right now is better than Pears and Devey.  When will Tomsula realize that these guys aren’t getting it done?  This also goes back to the play calling.  You know there is protection problems why do you continue to call 5-7 step drops and routes that take time to develop when Kaepernick doesn’t have any time to make his reads and his wrs don’t have time to get open.  Why aren’t you calling plays that require 3 step drops and quick passes.  Short hitches, quick slants, bubble screens, rb screens.  This team is loaded with playmakers on the outside.  Boldin, Smith, Davis, Bush, Patton, and Miller these guys have the ability to make plays after the catch.  Take the pressure off of Kaepernick and raise his confidence.  Look at the 2 games the 49ers won so far this season.  The offense was successful because of the quick throws and having the receivers make plays.  Quick slant gains 4-5 yds, run gains 3-4 yd and all of a sudden it’s a manageable 3rd down.  Instead of 5 step drop sack, 2nd and 18, deep throw incomplete, 3rd and 18, draw play 5 yds, 4th down punt.

Defensively the play calling has been also questionable.  A lot of zone coverage and a lot of miscommunication between the younger players.  With the younger players it’s understandable that they will blow coverage due to miscommunication.  Why not just play man with 2 safeties up top?  Acker and brock are decent enough to play man coverage on the outside.  The pass rush has also been nowhere to be found.  QBs are shredding the defense for tons of yards.  It’s especially tough when your offense goes 3 and out all the time.  Giving the defense no rest at all.

Collectively this is all on the management and ownership they are the ones that put the staff together, they are the ones that assess the rosters and they are the ones that ultimately put the stamp of approval for what is displayed on that football field.  I’ll go ahead and list most of the recent mistakes by both York and Baalke:

  1. Levis Stadium
  2. Firing Harbaugh
  3. Horrible draft
  4. Even worse free agent class
  5. Hiring Jim Tomsula to be HC
  6. Hiring Geep Chryst to be OC
  7. Not spending money on the offensive line when there were clearly better options out there

Will Tomsula be fired? Probably not. Will Baalke be fired? No. Why? Because Jed York doesn’t know football.



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