When is good enough, not enough?

“We’ve got the right guys” – Jim Tomsula

How many more times are we going to hear this from Jim Tomsula? Loss after loss  and week after week.  It’s the same answer from Tomsula.  When is he going to truly say whats in his gut? When is he going to say we don’t have the right guys here.  We need to make some changes.   Could it be he’s afraid to anger his players and lose that bond he has with them? He is considered to be a “players coach” or could it be that if he truly says what he sees that it’s a direct finger point to Baalke and York and he doesn’t want to anger them because he’s their “yes” man.   Without Baalke and York he wouldn’t have a job.

In reality the 49ers don’t have the right guys.  The offensive line is not very good.  Colin Kaepernick still has the potential to be a very good QB in the league, but he doesn’t have time in the pocket to show his improvements. There’s no depth at running back and our starter is now banged up.  The secondary is young and there’s no pass rush.  The play calling on both sides of the ball have been questionable.

Jim Tomsula can not continue to stand up for his players. At some point he has to hold his players accountable for their lack of play.  How many more times are we going to hear “our guys are good enough” when in reality they aren’t.



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