Era of Hope or Age of Darkness – The keys to the 49ers future are waiting.

49ers fans can feel as if their team was dismantled overnight and will wonder where it went.

When we look at our closets, it feels like a boneyard because each player we likely carry jerseys for are retired, left in free agency, released, traded, or benched.

We are in a new time in 49ers history and it was one that came unexpected. The first thing you need to do is let go. This is not last year’s team.

New Starters

QB Blaine Gabbert, HB Carlos Hyde, WR Torrey Smith, TE Garrett Celek, RT Erik Pears. RG Jordan Devey/Andrew Tiller. CB Kenneth Acker, SS Jaquaski Tartt, OLB Aaron Lynch, DE Quinton Dial

10 of your 22 starters are new starters.

This squad will need to start fresh for this upcoming game and will need to forget the 32nd ranked offense, because this team will have a new face in the pocket.

Understand that we are now in rebuild mode.

We were once in a delusion that we are in a reload mode. That was just a marketing word to get you to be hyped about the 49ers this year.

The front office knew what they were working with. Unfortunately for present day fans, the front office made a decision in the beginning of the season to gamble on the future instead of reclaiming the past. This means that this team was intended to have the season they have right now. While it would have been easier to reload, it appears they didn’t have the confidence that the current team was a few clicks from championship team.

That’s why we didn’t see any movement in free agency or big time trades for offensive lineman. This was a tank job at the highest level.

Understand that the future will be determined by the first two rounds of the draft.

I’ve stated before that your 49ers today are not far off from being a winning team. It still remains that the issues are surrounded by offensive line and quarterback. Torrey Smith is still a beast in the flashes of brilliance he’s shown. Anquan Boldin looks like he can go for two more years. Garrett Celek looks like a traditional TE. Jerome Simpson is still the deep threat he was before. Quinton Patton has shown he can get open if someone can look in his direction.

The first two rounds of the draft must be a lineman or quarterback. There will be good quarterbacks available in the second round. Get a lineman in the first round. Get Tunsil. To do that, we have to lose more games. It’ll be heartbreaking, but it must be done. Then, in the second round, get Connor Cook or Kessler. These guys are 2nd round material with upside.

Hope for at least one coaching change

I can’t say that Coach T is going anywhere anytime soon. You usually don’t fire the head coach in half of a year or one year unless they have clearly shown that they don’t have a grasp of winning at all.

Tomsula is leading the last place offense and one of the worst defenses in the nation. Usually, that’s a tell-tale sign. Whether the front office sees that, is another question. The front office may choose to fire a coordinator instead of firing the coach.

Odds are that the firing will be on Offensive Coordinator Geep Chryst. He coached Colin and coordinated him in his entire downfall as quarterback.

The only reason that the 49ers will abandon Coach Tomsula is if a can’t miss prospect comes into play as long as his name doesn’t say Harbaugh.

Most importantly, forgive.

Like the son that became the black sheep of the family, they lost their way.  Fans treat their team like family that visits every Sunday for brunch. They may be the life of the party or they may become the guy who has too many mimosas at brunch and becomes an issue, but you love them either way.

The 49ers have clearly lost their way, but they can’t get better unless we allow them to rise above the ashes. Let go of Harbaugh, Kaepernick, Gore, and the boneyard in your closet. Let the new flourish.

Forgive York….. whoa forgive him? Forgive Baalke…. (Kevin, you are talking crazy). Forgive, but don’t forget. The moment they continue to doom the team with decisions that affect us for the next four years, like a plunger in an old hotel, start to bring up old crap. For now, it would be better for your health and the future of the Niners to forgive….. for now.

But if holding a grudge is your thing. Run with it. Most of all, Go Niners.

Free agency and draft will be big this year. Keep the faith.


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