Who’s that guy? – Can Practice Squad Promoted Marcus Cromartie find a long-term home with the 49ers?

The 49ers keep thinking to go young and rely on the young men that were drafted to hold down the cornerback corps. So far, they have not met up with the task.

Kenneth Acker may have had a poor start despite three interceptions, none of those were in one on one coverage and the balls were practically telegraphed to him. His performance against Steve Smith Sr became his first performance that he played well against his assignment. He was burned by Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, and Odell Beckham Jr.

After the injuries, enter practice squad promoted Marcus Cromartie.

From the practice squad to the best coverage score on the team.

Make no mistake about it. His coverage score from Pro Football Focus was not a result of him being a big fish in a small pond. No, he played like a pro bowler by allowing only 3 catches for 33 yards and no touchdowns. His seven unassisted tackles were league leading as well including a laser hit in the backfield.

While he was tasked with guarding Julio Jones, Julio’s route running made him spread his match-ups all across the field and he was still able to acquire more than 130 yards, but no touchdowns.

Build on that performance.

What the 49ers need to do is to build off of that performance by giving him the starting nod. He will have a chance to keep playing well after the bye week where he faces a receiving core that is below average at Seattle. It would be a mistake to rotate him instead of giving him the full-time gig.



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