Anthony Davis, will he or won’t he come back? 49ers Fans are confused.

It would be sick if Anthony Davis returned too, but will he? He keeps in good shape. Patrick Willis will not be returning to uniform. Until we see Anthony Davis in the building or a proclamation from his twitter account, it’s hard for Niner fans to get excited.

He said this in response to someone asking if he’s staying in shape in hopes of returning to the Niners next year. It’s hard to decipher what his response means. It sounds like “no chance in hell” but also sounds like I’m coming. I think it’s the latter.


The issue with Anthony Davis is that he’s the only one who has truly left the door open and his twitter AVI hasn’t stopped showing him in red and gold.

He has a spot waiting for him when he returns. He is skilled enough to return to tackle. He also can move the guard if it turns out that Trenton Brown is too good to keep on the bench.

His return is more probable than questionable as he has kept up to date with the developments from Santa Clara unlike Patrick Willis who appears to be content in his current role working as a company man.

Anthony Davis said he just needed time to heal his mind and body. One has to wonder if he has had the itch to grind on the field since his retirement. Anthony Davis will be that guy to keep tabs on. One thing’s for sure, as a fan, we may need to see it for ourselves from the athlete before we get excited over comeback news again. Unless Anthony wants to make an announcement. Play of the Bay is all ears, Bam.


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