Kaepernick era done? Not quite yet.

Everyone has probably heard about the multiple reports/rumors about how Colin Kaepernicks future with the 49ers has come to an end with him going on the injured reserve with a torn labrum.  There are a few out there that think  this isn’t the end of Kaepernick and the 49ers just yet.

The 49ers will have until April 1st to decide what to do with Colin Kaepernick.  They can try to find a trade partner or they can flat out release him, but knowing the 49ers front office they would like to get something for him and not just release him.

Here’s what could happen before that April 1st deadline besides Kaepernick being traded:

The 49ers top brass (Baalke, Marathe, York) could decide to pull the plug on the Jim Tomsula experiment and hire and offensive minded head coach that likes Kaepernick and bring in a coordinator that can scheme an offense that works with Kaepernicks strengths.  Who are the candidates you say?  That’s the issue the coaches who would fit Kaepernicks style and who actually like Kaepernick will have to take the backseat to the top brass.


  1. Adam Gase – Offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. Gase was interviewed for the position this past offseason and quite frankly thought he should have been the guy coaching this season.  Gase was reportedly told he would can have the job as long as Tomsula stayed as the DC, but Gase wanted Vic Fangio to be his DC.  When that didn’t happen Fangio and Gase joined John Fox in Chicago.  Reportedly Gase is in love with Kaepernicks skill set and who knows what these two could have done this season if Gase was hired.  Should the top brass revisit the possibility of Gase being the HC? Yes. Will they? Probably not.
  2. Josh McDaniels – Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots. McDaniels has interviewed with the 49ers multiple times in the past.  Josh Mcdaniels has been a HC only once in his lifetime and it was with the Denver Broncos, but Mcdaniels has been regarded as one of the top offensive minded coaches  for many years.  Like Gase he’s been known to praise Kaepernicks abilities.  Should the brass open the door for Mcdaniels? Yes. Will they? Slight chance they will.  Reason.  He’s from Ohio.
  3. David Shaw- Head Coach Stanford.  It’s widely known that Shaw does not want to leave the Bay Area and that basically leaves him with 2 pro positions.  Raiders or 49ers.  The Raiders seem pretty set with Jack Del Rio turning things around for that organization.  So that leaves him with the 49ers.  Shaw has done a fantastic job down at the farm since Harbaughs departure.  Shaw has done well with Andrew Luck and Kevin Hogan.  Kaepernick could benefit from and offensive minded coach. Will the 49ers go down to the farm and offer the job to Shaw? Possible. Should they? Yes. Will Shaw accept it? Maybe. Shaw would probably turn to Harbaugh for advice and his experience with the top brass.  So there’s a slight chance he wouldn’t want to deal with it, but it’s also a NFL job with NFL pay so that could be a reason why he can accept it.

The bottom line is any of these 3 candidates are better than what they have in house.  The issue is that top brass does not like hiring from outside the organization.  They like what they have going right now in their front office.  They also don’t want to admit their mistakes.   Letting Harbaugh go instead of Baalke, replacing Harbaugh with Tomsula, hiring Chryst as coordinator, letting all the talent go, and Levi’s stadium.   The list continues and it will continue unless they change their ways and hire someone who can turn this franchise around.


If Tomsula is fired at the end or before the end of this season and any hints of an offensive minded head coach being hired will give Kaepernick a chance to remain with the 49ers.




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