49ers Coaching Search Spotlight: Adam Gase (Offensive Coordinator Bears)

Adam Gase was a finalist for the job this past offseason but did not get the job last minute when he wasn’t fond of having Jim Tomsula as his defensive coordinator.  The plan that Gase wanted was to become the head man in San Francisco and retain Vic Fangio as the defensive coordinator, but Baalke and York had other plans.

A year later and Adam Gase is once again a hot name for head coaching vacancies around the league.  In Chicago he did a really good job with what he had to work with.  The Bears ranked 21st in total offense, 23rd in total passing yards, and 11th in rushing yards a game.  The Bears offense had to deal with multiple injuries and Jay Cutler seemed to find a groove towards the end of the season.

Hiring Gase would be great for the offense and who knows he may convince Fangio to come with him and run the defense.  Having Gase would also give Kaepernick a slight chance of remaining on the team.  Gase is one of the coaches available who believe that Kaepernick can still be a star in the league.

As of today there has been no word if the 49ers have contacted Gase or if Gase is even interested in the position.  Gase would probably not be interested in the position due to the fact he’s already gone through the process and he probably doesn’t want to deal with Baalke and York especially how the situation turned out last time around.

I can see Adam Gase either going to Philadelphia or Miami.  The Browns and 49ers vacancy seem to be the least attractive due to the front office being a mess.

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