49ers Coaching Search Spotlight: Chip Kelly (Eagles HC)

If the 49ers are in need of offensive head coach they don’t need to look no further than Chip Kelly.  Kellys high powered offense worked in college with the Oregon Ducks, but it has seemed to stall in the NFL.  Personnel could be the reason why his offense hasn’t panned out in the NFL.

Kellys offense requires a mobile QB with a strong arm and quick offensive line.   Which the Eagles lacked during Kellys tenure with the team.  Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Bradford were his QBs and none have never been in the same sentence as the words mobile QB.

Hiring Chip Kelly will bode well for Kaepernick like any other offensive minded head coach the 49ers are linked to.  Kaepernick has been rumored to be traded to the Eagles due to the fact he fits well Kellys offense, but since Kelly was let go earlier last week the rumors have reversed and that the coach is interested in coming to San Francisco.

Chip Kelly has already expressed interest in the head coaching position and the 49ers will likely consider it. Chip Kelly would need to bring in a reputable staff especially on the defensive side.  That’s the only concern with Chip is how will he handle the defense?  Can his offense take off now since he will have Kaepernick on the roster?

Chip Kelly could be the wild card in the coaching search.  He brings the offensive mind the team lacked this season.  He could possibly turn Kaepernick into a superstar.

The 49ers will most likely entertain the idea of Chip Kelly becoming the next head coach for the 49ers, but I see Chip landing in Tennessee to be reunited with his college QB Marcus Mariota.  If I were the Titans I would push very hard to make this happen.

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