49ers Coaching Search Spotlight: Mike Shanahan & Mike Holmgren

Mike Shanahan interviewed last time around and the rumor is that the interview went so well that Jed York strongly considered hiring Shanahan. Shanahan has made it clear that he wants to return to coaching.  His last stint with the Redskins didn’t turn out the way he wanted.

Shanahan has expressed interest in the 49ers open position.  York and Baalke would be wise to go ahead and revisit the idea.  Shanahan comes from the Bill Walsh coaching tree just like Mike Holmgren who I will mention later on.

Shanahan would most likely bring in his son Kyle Shanahan to run his offense and would bring in someone from the outside to run the defense.  Shanahan will not have any issues filling his staff as he is well respected around the league.  Shanahan is an offensive minded head coach and he is one of the coaches that believe Kaepernick can still be a star in this league.

Mike Holmgren has also been open about being interested in the 49ers head coaching position.  Out of all the coaches available he’s been the most vocal about the position.

Holmgren like I said earlier is from the Bill Walsh coaching tree.  Holmgren will bring a voice and a command in that locker room that they lacked this season.  He’ll probably implement a west coast style offense.

Holmgren last stint was in Cleveland as he was in charge of personnel.  That didn’t turn out great for Cleveland and for him.  Later on Mike Holmgren admitted that he should have just coached for the Browns instead of handling the front office position.

If Holmgren focuses on just coaching and leave the personnel decisions to Baalke the 49ers will have a chance at success.  That could also be the issue with the 49ers.  Can Holmgren and Baalke coexist?

Both Shanahan and Holmgren have ties to the 49ers organization both were on Walshs staff back in the glory days.  Both coaches are well respected by former 49er players.   So much that hall of famers have publicly endorsed them for the job.   Steve Young, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Ronnie Lott have endorsed both men.

Mike Holmgren is a San Francisco native and it would be sweet to have him come home and coach his home team.  The fans would certainly love it.

These 2 are my top 2 choices for the job as they were last time around.  I believe the 49ers have no guidance right now and that the 49ers are so lost going forward that they need to look to their past to find guidance.  Hiring either men would be a great step moving forward.

A huge step going forward would have been firing Baalke, hiring Holmgren as GM and Shanahan as head coach.  I can dream right?


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