The search is underway. Is Hue Jackson the answer?

Today it has been reported that the 49ers and Dolphins have contacted the Bengals for permission to interview their current offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.  Hue Jackson has been with the Bengals for the last 4 seasons before that he was with the Raiders as Offensive coordinator and 1 season as head coach (8-8).   His 1st season with the Bengals he served as the secondary coach/assistant coach, the following season he was the running backs coach, and this season was his 2nd as their offensive coordinator.

The 49ers requested to interview Jackson back in 2011 before they decided to hire Jim Harbaugh.  He does have a creative offensive mind and look at what he’s done with the Bengals this season. His offense ranked 15th in total yards per game, 15th in passing yards per game, and 13th in rushing yards per game.

The earliest a team can conduct an interview would be Sunday since the Bengals face the Steelers in a wild card game Saturday.  Interviewing Jackson would satisfy the Rooney Rule.  Hue Jackson has also previously worked with Trent Baalke while they were with the Redskins.

If the price for Sean Payton is too high.  Hue Jackson is the name to keep an eye out on.



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