49ers Coaching Search Updated 1/13/16

1/13/16 11:38am PST

Hue Jackson was named Browns head coach.  No new names have surfaced and the search may come to a conclusion soon.

1/12/16 12:45pm PST

Tim Kawakami is reporting that the 49ers are out of the Hue Jackson sweepstakes for now and the team could double back.  I’m not surprised Jackson might be wanting personnel control and Baalke might not want that and the Browns might offer that.  I see Hue Jackson potentially landing in Cleveland.

1/12/16 10:23am PST

49ers will meet with Tom Coughlin today. Seems like an odd candidate due to the fact that so far the 49ers have interviewed younger coaches. Must have to do with the Parcells connection between Baalke and Coughlin. Baalke is expected to conduct interview while Jed is in Houston for owners meeting.

1/11/16 12:55pm PST
The Giants have granted the 49ers permission to interview Tom Coughlin. I’m not sure if Jed and company know what they’re doing. If they wanted Coughlin why not ask for permission last week? Hue Jackson may have thrown a wrench in Jeds plans.

1/10/16 8:56am PST
York and Baalke will meet with Hue Jackson today in Cincinnati. If interview goes well Jackson could be hired today. Browns are supposed to also meet with Jackson. He’s a strong candidate in both vacancies.

1/9/16 7:55pm PST
Sean Payton was number 1 choice 49ers are shifting focus on Hue Jackson. Clearly the favorite. Will interview tomorrow with Browns and 49ers.

1/9/16 6:20pm PST

49ers have interviewed Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.  Koetters offense has been top 10 the past 4 years.  He worked with Blaine Gabbert while in Jacksonville back in 2010.  He has worked with Matt Ryan and most recently Jameis Winston.  Koetter is the leading candidate to replace Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay.

1/8/16 4:39pm PST

Sources close to the 49ers are reporting that Hue Jackson is clearly the top candidate for the job.  Hue Jackson is scheduled to meet with the 49ers Sunday.  If the Bengals lose Saturday the 49ers can hire Hue Jackson if they wanted to, but if they win the 49ers will have to wait until the Bengals are eliminated from the playoffs.  I believe Hue Jackson would be a better fit than Chip Kelly.  He’s easier to get along with than Chip Kelly which is something Baalke and York look for.  Jackson is a big fan of Colin Kaepernick.  When Jackson was in Oakland he told Colin during the draft that he and the Raiders were going to try and draft him.  The 49ers traded up and drafted Kaepernick before the Raiders could get a chance.  Still a lot of moving pieces are in place.  What if the Bengals are eliminated that would make Marvin Lewis 0-7 in the playoffs and the Bengals fire Lewis and promote Jackson.  Multiple teams are in on Hue and it could become a bid war.

Updating the DeFilippo story.  It turns out there’s a connection between him and Chip Kelly.  Chip Kelly recruited DeFilippo while he was at University of New Hampshire.  Could possibly have a HC – OC connection brewing if the 49ers decided to go with Chip.

1/8/16 8:23am PST
The 49ers are reportedly meeting with Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo today. Unless DeFilippo impresses I don’t see him being a top candidate, but the team is exploring their options as he’s an up and coming assistant. He could likely become an assistant or coordinator depending on the head coach hire. Only connection I see here is he’s from Jeds hometown Youngstown Ohio. He’s known to be the 5th candidate to be linked to the position.

1/7/16 8:49pm pst
Reports are coming in that the 49ers have interviewed Anthony Lynn and Chip Kelly. It is unclear if Chip Kellys interview was a formal interview.

Coaching Search Spotlight: Chip Kelly

1/7/16 10:39am pst

Sources close to David Shaw are saying the Stanford head coach will not be interviewing with the 49ers.

1/7/16 8:57am pst

The 49ers have requested a meeting with Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, but have yet to hear from the team.  Dirk has head coaching experience but only in the college ranks.  He has never been an NFL head coach.  He does have the offensive mind that the 49ers are looking for.  This past season he helped develop rookie Jamies Winston.  With the firing of Bucs head coach Lovie Smith late last night Dirk probably would emerge as the lead candidate to replace him.

We finally got 1 report of David Shaw possibly interviewing for the job. Bleacher Reports Jason Cole recently reported that the 49ers could possibly target David Shaw.  Others have reported that David Shaw would not leave Stanford.  David Shaw has mentioned before that he does not want to leave the bay area and has recently purchased a beautiful home in nearby Rio Del Mar.  If he does take an NFL job it would be with 1 of the 2 current bay area teams.  The 49ers maybe interested, but is David Shaw interested in listening.  Shaw is a loyalist to Jim Harbaugh and Jim has most likely shared his experience with Shaw.

Rose Bowl Football

1/6/16 4:27pm pst

Only 2 known candidates are scheduled to meet with the 49ers.  Bills running back coach Anthony Lynn and Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.   We can remove Sean Payton from the candidates list as he announced today that he will remain with the Saints.

1/6/16 11:55am pst

Reports are coming in that Sean Payton will remain head coach of Saints. He will address the media shortly.

Hue Jackson will interview Sunday.

-1/6/16 10am pst

The 49ers were in contact with Mike Shanahan last night and had a meeting scheduled today, but was later postponed for reasons unknown.  It could be possible that since Shanahan interviewed extensively last time around that they have everything they from him.

The 49ers have requested to meet with Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, but no date has been set and the earliest he can meet would be Sunday.  Bengals have a playoff game Saturday versus the Steelers.

Anthony Lynn who is currently the Bills running backs coach is meeting with the team today.  Anthony Lynn is a former NFL running back who played for the 49ers in the 95-96 season.  He’s been a full time running backs coach since 2003 and has been with on Rex Ryans staff since 2009 with the Jets and now with the Bills.  Lynn would satisfy the Rooney Rule and this could be the only reason why they are interviewing him.  Lynn isn’t expected to be a top candidate.

Sean Payton is still in play as the 49ers are in continuous contact with the Saints.  Sean Payton is scheduled to address the Saints media later this morning.  The Saints are asking for at least a 2nd round pick.  Sean Payton seems to be on top of the candidate list as he fits with the 49ers are looking for.  A coach with experience, a super bowl ring, an offensive minded coach, and a coach that can develop a QB.

Stay tuned as the day develops. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for instant updates.


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