Draft pick trades: the Niners are in a good position to make a deal in the first round

The Niners may be in a good position to trade their picks and still get players.

At Pick 7, they may have priced themselves out of the Jared Goff/Joey Bosa/Laremy Tunsil sweepstakes, but they have options that may be available and they just need to find out who is left.

This includes Myles Jack, Ronnie Stanley, Vernon Hargreaves, Jalen Ramsey, and Laquon Treadwell.

Either, they pick who’s left out of those guys, or they decide to trade down to teams who might be desperate for the best WR and only 1st round grade WR or trade to get the versatile Ramsey or Myles Jack.

They have teams that may have interest if the right pick falls to 7. Teams like St. Louis, Oakland, or Detroit.

That would put them in the 14-17 range which gives them opportunities with DT Robert Nkemdiche, DT Emmanuel Ogbah, OLB Jaylon Smith, DT A’Shawn Robinson, OT Taylor Decker, OT Jack Conklin, OLB Leonard Floyd, ILB Reggie Ragland.

This is a draft that is very deep in defensive lineman, outside linebackers, and offensive lineman which are needs of the Niners and virtually every one of those names are interchangeable in terms of size and talent. They will further separate themselves at the combine.

There is no need to draft at 7th unless someone falls and the draft value according to the pick chart gives them a 2nd round pick or two 4th round picks while still getting the man they need to build around in 2016.

However, the trade up, will have the 49ers give up two 2nd rounds and 2 third rounds to move up to 1st overall pick, or 1 2nd and 2 3rds to move to 2nd to pick up Jared Goff.

There is too much value in trading down. If they decide to keep the pick, there is plenty of value there too. Throw the pitch, Trent. Don’t Baalke.


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