Final piece of the puzzle? Denard Span signs with the Giants

The Giants reached a 3 year deal with center fielder Denard Span Thursday night.  The deal is reportedly worth 31 million dollars.  The Giants were linked to bigger named outfielders such as Alex Gordon, Justin Upton, and Yoenis Cespedes.

Let’s be real these guys were expected to be signed for at least 95 million dollars.  Realistically the Giants were not going to spend that much money on a bat.  Especially after signing Cueto and Samardzjia this offseason.  They got exactly what the team needed.

A capable defender in the outfield who can play all 3 outfield positions.  A leadoff batter that can get on base and steal bags.  This past season with the Nationals Span batted .301 with a .796 OPS with 11 stolen bases in 61 games.  The Giants were one of the bottom teams that had the lowest OPS from their center fielders last season.

Span who is turning 32 in February will be insurance for Angel Pagan who is 34 yrs old and also entering his final season on his contract.  Pagan who has battled multiple injuries these past 2 seasons will likely move to left field and probably split time with Gregor Blanco.  Span is also coming back from multiple injuries and most recently having left hip surgery.

When healthy Span has the speed to cover the spacious grounds that is ATT park has.  Span won’t provide many HRs, but that’s what the Giants are not about especially when they play at ATT park.  This team is about pitching, great defense, getting on base, and clutch hitting.  Span fills that need they were looking for this offseason.

Span can play all 3 outfield positions and so can Blanco.  Pagan can play left and center and Pence can play center if needed too.  Don’t forget Brandon Belt will also play some left field when Buster slides to first base when he needs a break from catching.  Bruce Bochy loves players that can play multiple positions and he’s going to have so much flexibility with his lineup.

Here how I project the opening lineup would be if healthy.

CF Span

2B Panik

C Posey

1B Belt

RF Pence

SS Crawford

3B Duffy

LF Pagan/Blanco


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