Mike McCarthys final game as Green Bay head coach?

There’s some speculation that this weekends wild card game could decide McCarthys faith as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers.  Which is hard to believe because since taking over in 2006 his team has reached the playoffs 8 times and won a super bowl in 2010.

If Green Bay does lose this weekend and he is indeed relieved of his duties do the 49ers check in on their former offensive coordinator?  Would McCarthy listen to what the 49ers have to offer?

Does McCarthy have the boxes checked off on the list of qualities the 49ers are looking for?

Offensive minded: Check

QB Guru: Check

Head Coaching Experience: Check

Super Bowl Rings: Check

If McCarthy becomes available he would immediately shoot up the list of candidates.  He knows offense and he knows QBs.  The only issue I see is how he handles his assistants and putting together a staff.  His staff in Green Bay has been together for many years and that’s part of their success.  Not much turnover has happened with his staff over the years.  Dom Capers has been the teams defensive coordinator since 2009 and Tom Clements his top assistant has been with him since joining the team in 2006.   If he can put together a staff like he has in Green Bay and be able to keep them throughout the years he will be successful with the 49ers.

If he does become the head coach of the 49ers I would like to see them try to draft Jared Goff and have him sit behind Kaepernick for a year or 2 just like Rodgers did with Favre.  It give McCarthy a chance to work his magic and try to get Kaepernick back on track.  If not you will have Goff ready  sitting behind Kaepernick.

We will just have to wait and see after this weekend to see what the Packers will do.

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