Chip’s Ahoy: What does that mean for the Quarterback Corps?

The 49ers have announced their new head coach to be Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly will lead the 49ers behind a coaching resume that included 10-6, 10-6, 6-9 (fired week 17).

Chip will be bringing his expertise in offense and QB development to the team.

Snapshot on Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly’s 26-21 record in three seasons is not bad. There was a clear regression in 2015 as the Eagles had the worst defense in terms of time of possession, total scrimmage plays, and total yards allowed.

In those situations, you have to point to either a breakdown in defense or an inept offense. Despite Chip Kelly being an offensive guru, his offense was ranked 12th in yards per game (364.4 yds) and 13th in points per game (23.6 pts). It’s clear that the offense was not the main culprit. However, it did contribute a little bit due to the uptempo offense that snaps the ball 4 seconds faster per play than the league average. That can add 3 minutes more defense per game.

Chip has shown promise when working with Quarterbacks.

Quarterback whisperer:

Chip Kelly has shown talent when developing quarterbacks.

His quarterbacks include

Ricky Santos – University of New Hampshire. Exceeded 3,000 yards in each of his college years. Undrafted due to size issues.

Dennis Dixon – Benched before Chip’s arrival, Dennis would return under Kelly’s tutelage and would become a Maxwell Award finalist. Could have been a Heisman candidate until he tore his ACL. Dixon became a career backup in the NFL.

Jeremiah Masoli –  Pac 10 Champion and Rose Bowl berth. Suspended for theft allegations.

Darron Thomas – Undefeated season – 2,881 yards, 30 tds passing, 486 yards rushing, 5 rushing touchdowns. Lost in the championship game against Cam Newton. Went undrafted and unsigned.

Marcus Mariota – 2,677 yards, 32 tds, and 163.2 NCAA passer rating under Kelly. He would later become a Heisman trophy Winner and Pac 12 all-time leading passer. Went 2nd overall to the Titans.

Nick Foles – 27:2 touchdown to interception ratio. Traded to Rams

Mark Sanchez – had his best season as far as accuracy in half a year as starter.

Sam Bradford – Had career highs for yards and completions. But may be inflated due to playing from behind.

Kaepernick or Gabbert

If one thing was clear in this go around, the front office is not ready to give up on Colin Kaepernick and went after a coach who coveted Colin. It was widely suggested that Chip Kelly will trade for Colin wherever he gets signed to. He eliminated the middle man when he got signed to the 49ers.

If there is any indication that Kaepernick is very much in play, the 49ers have taken Colin Kaepernick’s jersey off of the clearance rack in their sites.


This will be a new era and you can be sure that he can progress with Chip with Kelly’s history with quarterbacks.

Let Baalke determine the players. Let Kelly coach.

All aboard the crazy train. I just suggested to trust Trent Baalke. Because most of the pieces of the puzzle for Chip’s offense is there and I can’t wait to see what he does with Torrey, Boldin, Patton and Ellington.

Don’t forget the number one problem that the Niners passing game had over the last two seasons. They had simple routes. Cancel that. This is a different playbook and Chip WILL mix it up.

They just need to fill in the spots that coach doesn’t play that well.

That means hiring and drafting defense.

I’m talking about going after Jalen Ramsey or Vernon Hargraves. Go after top level defensive ends, outside linebackers, or sign a grinder like Bruce Irvin or Muhammad Wilkerson.

Then, putting in a coach that can make plays. The kind of coach that doesn’t coach a bend-don’t break defense. We need to be making plays. Jason Tarver is already a coach on the squad and has been known to throw some exotic blitz packages, but lacked the personnel in Oakland. Or do we look to the outside for a coach that wants turnovers and 3 and outs more than defending the “big play”.

Do we still draft a quarterback?

Yes, but this draft isn’t rich with NFL ready quarterbacks. Draft and stash. Go after guys like Dak Prescott, Kevin Hogan, Carson Wentz, or Cody Kessler. Most will be available in 3rd or 4th rounds.

This is the blood transfusion or second wind that the 49ers needed. Go Niners.


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  1. I am a huge 49ers fan thinking if people think here it would better suite the 9ers to draft Kevin Hogan maybe in the second round because going into the 3rd he might be off the board for he did play under a pro style offensive and very accurate with very good mobility speed he’s not a dual threat qb but a can run if trouble comes i also believe besides wentz and goff and lynch he is a solid steal in the draft and take him early to avoid scrambling for one later on but if he is gone in the second i would go after Coker or Drezkill for the same reason

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