Drafting around Chip Kelly: Can Trent Baalke set Chip Kelly up for success?

This would be the first look at the possible big board and there needs to be a clear focus in this draft for the 49ers.

The pundits have all said it would be Jared Goff, Blaine Gabbert, or Colin Kaepernick under center next year.

After the hiring of Chip Kelly as the new 49ers head coach, it sealed the fate of Hue Jackson and the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns were very interested in trading for Colin Kaepernick, but that idea may have its set back with Chip Kelly’s interest in putting Colin against Blaine in camp this season.

If that’s the case, they may elect to draft Jared Goff at No. 2 overall.

With Goff off of the board, Baalke can fill other needs like offensive line, defensive end, outside linebacker, cornerback, and inside linebacker.

There is plenty of talent to be had on these positions and we are talking about playmakers; not role players.

This hiring may have made Trent Baalke’s job easier, because we all know he needs the best draft and free agency of his career to keep this gig.

How does Baalke put Kelly and himself on the upward trend?

Shore up the offensive line?

Chip Kelly is going to be able to run with this offense once Anthony Davis comes back. The line will include Joe Staley, Daniel Kilgore, 2015 standout Andrew Tiller, and Anthony Davis. 4 of the 5 line positions are set and the fifth can be filled by Brandon Thomas, Trenton Brown, the re-signing of Alex Boone, or the drafting of a coveted lineman.

While the 49ers can use the number 7 pick on CBS Sports Number 7 overall best player Ronnie Stanley, there are opportunities to get a good lineman with the 6th pick in the 2nd round by getting Shon Coleman (Auburn), Germain Ifedl (Texas A&M).  Baalke should only draft 1st round o-line if he doesn’t have his tackle positions lined up. Davis and Staley are still pro bowl caliber. Check that off the list.

Draft the guys who can BAIL out the offense.

Draft defensive playmakers in early rounds. At pick 7, pick up guys who can force turnovers or defend on 3rd down to bail out the offense and come out with the win. These include Shaq Lawson, Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey, Mackensie Alexander, and Vernon Hargraves.

3rd round Playmakers still available in Carl Nassib, William Jackson III, Shawn Oakman according the CBS Sports Big Board.

Carl Nassib had 15.5 sacks and NCAA leader in forced fumbles with 8.

Draft the QB of the Future that can sit and learn behind Colin and Blaine and draft an offensive contributor in the 4th with the owned and compensatory pick

Quarterbacks like Cardale Jones (Ohio State, QB), Kevin Hogan (Stanford, QB), Nate Sudfeld (Indiana, QB), Dak Prescott (Miss State, QB), Cody Kessler (USC, QB)

Christian Westerman – 7th ranked offensive guard from Arizona State.

Jack Allen – 4th ranked Center fro Michigan State who spent his career protecting Connor Cook.

Trent can’t afford to “redshirt” an ACL player this year

With Trent at risk of being done at the end of the year, he needs contributors now. Injured players are no longer on the board.

The big board is likely to move around with combines and pro days occuring. The Niners will need to find those diamonds in the rough to have the offseason they need to fast start the franchise.

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