Should the Warriors make a move?

Absolutely they do.  The Cavs just made a trade with the Atlanta Hawks for sharpshooter Kyler Korver.  Does he make a big difference for the Cavs? He definitely fills the void that JR Smith has left open due to injury.  Kyle Korver isn’t as athletic as JR but is definitely a better shooter than him.  We all know how much attention Kyrie Irving and Lebron James get when they drive the lane. The addition of Korver gives those 2 players another deadly option.  Can you imagine a lineup of Kyrie, Korver, Lebron, Love, and Frye on the floor?  It’s certainly bombs away when the Warriors come down to double the ball handler.

The Warriors bench unit isn’t as strong as it was the past 2 years, but the addition of Kevin Durant makes up for it.  They’ve got a mixture of veterans and young guys on the bench, but I feel like they can make a move and acquire a player or 2 that can be useful when they play the Cavs again.

Last season in the playoffs the Thunder used Andre Roberson to guard Stephen Curry and it gave Curry all kinds of problems.  Roberson is a 6’7″ athletic guard with length.  The athletic ability and length of Roberson was enough to neutralize Curry as he had problems getting shots off and also had problems getting by Roberson.  Another player that gave Curry problem was DeAndre Liggins of the Cavs.  Liggins is  a 6’6″ guard also with length. Do you see the common theme I’m going with? Long athletic guards can neutralize Curry.  These teams have an answer for Curry.  Who is the team the Warriors will most likely play in the NBA Finals?  The Cavs. Who’s their best player? Lebron James.

Do we have a player that can contain Lebron James? 2 years ago I would have said, “Yes Andre Iguodala.”  This season “No” Iggy is a little older and has little more wear and tear on his body.  As much as you want to have Durant matchup with Lebron it would take too much energy on defensive side that his offense could struggle.  Draymond could possibly do it but most of the time he’s guarding the opposing big and you only get 6 fouls a game.


So what do the Warriors need to do?  I say make a move and try to find a “Lebron Stopper”  The Warriors will need to free up a roster space to acquire a player.  So who goes? Varejao or McAdoo are the likely candidates.  They’ve barely played any minutes and McAdoo can no longer be sent down to Santa Cruz to develop.  I say release 1 of the 2 and sign a defensive stopper that can contain Lebron James.  Either a free agent or a player in the D-League.  Maybe put together a trade that involves McAdoo and some picks for a player on a team that wants to rebuild.  Maybe a trade for Tobias Harris of the Detroit Pistons or Luc Richard Mbah a Moute of the Clippers.  The Warriors need that type of player.  A player that is a physical defender and doesn’t back down from a challenge. Until the Warriors make a move I believe Lebron will continue to dominate them.



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