The 49ers need to hire Eliot Wolf right now

For the past week Jed York and Paraag Marathe have conducted interviews for their open vacancies at general manager and head coach.  One of the interviews was with Packers Director of football operations Eliot Wolf.

Eliot Wolf is the son of Packers hall of fame general manager Ron Wolf.  Eliot Wolf who’s currently 34 years old has been around football all of his life.  He would spend most of his days with his dad in the film room at Lambeau field. At a young age he would be in the draft war room and he’d be taking names off the board.  He’s worked his way up through the organization.

Wolf would bring on a pure football philosophy with him.  The Packers way was draft and develop.  They never really went into free agency to fill in holes on their roster.  The Packers would draft a 5th round linebacker and he’d be expected to start right away.  This is what the 49ers need to do.  They are in full rebuild mode and the only way to rebuild is through the draft.  I just don’t see Wolf’s 49ers wasting draft picks on players that won’t make the team.  He’s currently in charge of scouting college players for the Packers.

Jed would be smart to get on the phone with Eliot and offer him the job

It would be smart of Jed to open up his check book and hire the young Eliot Wolf right away.  Hiring Wolf first would be a great hire for the franchise as Wolf can start the process of finding the right coach to fit his philosophy.


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