Sean McVay was my top choice for the 49ers coaching job, but he’s So Cal bound

The Chargers and Rams filled their coaching vacancies yesterday.  The Chargers signed Anthony Lynn and the Rams signed Sean McVay.  Both coaches were on the short list of candidates the 49ers interviewed.

Sean McVay was at the very top of my coach wish list.  Sean is the grandson of 49ers legend John McVay who was the teams VP of football operations back in the Bill Walsh/George Seifert days.  Sean grew up in Georgia, but was known in the 49ers organization. There are stories of Sean playing catch with Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Steve Young when the team would fly into Georgia and play the Falcons.

Sean is really close with the both Jon and Jay Gruden.  In 2008 he was on Jons staff in Tampa Bay.  After Jon was fired he went on and created the FFCA and of course Sean decided to follow him.  They would spend days just talking football and that’s where he met Jay.  In 2009 Jay and Sean joined the staff of the Florida Tuskers who was part of the inaugural season of the UFL.  In 2010 Sean would join the Redskins staff serving at multiple coaching positions. In 2014 Jay Gruden was named the Head Coach of the Redskins and he wanted to keep continuity on the staff and Sean was already their serving as the tight ends coach.  With no hesitation he named him his offensive coordinator.

Maybe the reason he was my top choice is because of the link he had to the great 49er teams of the past.  The grandson of a former 49er great is now in charge of leading them back to the glory days.  It also could have been the link he has with the Gruden brothers, especially Jon Gruden.  He’s been compared to Jon in many ways.  The way he loves the game, the way he communicates with his staff and players.  He’s got a great offensive mind .  Reports are he crushed the 49ers and Rams interviews.  There are also reports that the 49ers liked him so much that they tried to pair him up with Eliot Wolf of the Packers who interviewed for the General Manager position.  Wolf is my top pick for the general manager position.  Wolf and McVay both legendary blood lines would have had the task of rebuilding our great franchise.  Instead Sean McVay is headed to Southern California to the Rams where they have the QB (Jared Goff) I wanted the 49ers to draft last off season.  There’s still a chance that Eliot Wolf will be named General Manager.



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