49ers will have to play the waiting game

Both the Falcons and Patriots won today which means the 49ers will have to wait another week to announce their next head coach. The offensive coordinators for both teams are the top 2 candidates for the 49ers job. Josh McDaniels of the Patriots is regarded around the league the front runner for the job.  Falcons Kyle Shanahan offensive coordinator is also in the running.

The word around the league is if McDaniels is hired he will try and convince Patriots director of personal Nick Caserio to come with him as the general manager. Caserio declined to interview with the 49ers earlier this week. If both join the 49ers it’s highly likely they will try to trade for Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

Kyle Shanahan coordinates the number 1 offense in the league.  He’s been easily the best offensive coordinator in the league this year.  If Kyle Shanahan becomes the 49ers coach look for them to pair him with Eliot Wolf of the Packers or the Vikings George Paton.  Kyle is now my top candidate with Sean McVay going to the Rams.

Another name floating around is Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable.  The Seahawks were eliminated today and his name could pick-up steam this week.  The 49ers are scheduled to interview him and 2 Seahawks executives.  Tom Cable is not a guy the 49ers fans want. Cable was the head coach of the Raiders and was involved in an altercation that led to him punching an assistant.  Me and the rest of the Niner Empire will revolt if Cable is hired.

The 49ers can not hire Shanahan or McDaniels until their teams season ends.  So it looks like the 49ers will have to play the waiting game.


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