Time for the 49ers to hire Kyle Shanahan


It’s time for 49ers owners to embrace a Kyle Shanahan era and go all-in by offering Shanahan the informal offer, especially now that McDaniels is out of the race. Kyle should have been the number one choice all along.


Coach Shanahan has the knowledge to win games even in a rebuild.


He seemingly knows how to play to his team’s strengths and will adjust based on the talent. With the Redskins, he alternated between top ten passing and top ten rushing even before Robert Griffin hit the stage. He was as high as 8th in passing and 1st in rushing with a rushing offense that featured Alfred Morris who is currently struggling to keep a starting runningback job. With Atlanta, he finished 7th and 2nd in total offense. This past year, his offense was 3rd in passing and 5th in rushing (his highest numbers to date)


He does not require a top ten quarterback to lead an offense as he has shown with Redskins QB Rex Grossman and Texans QB Matt Schaub. It helps and he does great things when his quarterbacks are healthy.


Considering the volatile situation regarding quarterbacks in San Francisco, it would be wise to select an offensive coach that can adjust to his surroundings and get the team playing optimal football until the day a franchise quarterback walks through the locker room doors. This could mean that the 49ers can actually employ a full rebuild and avoid looking completely terrible in the process.


Kyle Shanahan can work with this offense that the 49ers have.


Believe it or not, this 49ers team was 4th in total rushing yards. We could certainly utilize a coach who has been top 5 in rushing offense twice in the last 7 years (once with less talent than Carlos Hyde).


He comes with a bonus pack.


Mike Shanahan as an advisor will always be a plus and we will likely see Mike return to the 49ers in some kind of role. Any spot you put him in except head coach will be advantageous even if it is just a slight advantage.


He can beat the division rivals


The Falcons went 4-1 against the NFC West. His offense went 387 yards and 26 points against Seattle in a controversial loss. He pushed his total yards to 395 yards in a rematch with Seattle in the playoffs. His offense poured on 360 yards and 38 points on Arizona, 550 yards and 41 points on the 49ers, and 286 yards and 35 points. They would proceed to put up 422 yards and 36 points on the Seahawks in the playoffs.


His last name will attract coaches to join his team


With the “appearance” of 49ers front office willing to show patience and hopefully will not interfere with personnel decisions, coaches can overlook the turmoil of the Harbsula-Kelly era and decide that they will have a position that is sustainable for 3+ years and knowing Kyle and Mike could be appealing to position coaches and coordinators.


Cable is not an option


Tom Cable is everything the 49ers were against when they talked about winning with class. Cable doesn’t really win and he doesn’t have much class when he hit all those people. People change, but why picking Cable will be last resort by every sense of the word.


The time is now for Kyle Shanahan.


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