Target locked on: 2 Round look at potential 49er draft picks

The 49ers don’t have a coach or a general manager right now, so we can take most of these mock drafts with a grain of salt and most of them have the 49ers selecting Mitch Trubisky, the Quarterback from University of North Carolina.

While his numbers are good, there a many question marks one full season as a starter doesn’t answer and his most recent performance in the bowl game was lackluster. Most of all, we have to ask if he matches up with other quarterbacks that have been drafted this high. He doesn’t have the pedigree that Marcus Mariota, Carson Wentz, or Robert Griffin III. While the jury is still out on all three of those quarterbacks, they had a much more impressive resume than Trubisky coming into the draft.

Also, next year’s quarterback class has some prospects that would put Trubisky as the 4th best quarterback if he were to be drafted as a senior. Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma had the most efficient year, Washington QB Jake Browning led his team to the college playoffs, and Lamar Jackson was your 2016 Heisman Trophy winner. Those are better resumes than Trubisky and those three will likely be available to anyone with a top 10 pick next year and can possibly slide into mid-round based on team needs next year.

Not to mention that the new general manager coming in will want to hit the ground running and there is nothing that suggests Mitch Trubisky will turn around the 49ers anytime soon. He might, but why take a gamble when you can take an educated guess.

First round targets

As much as I would want the 49ers to draft a defensive player in the 1st round given the 49ers struggles in the category, the general manager may elect to give the new offensive minded coach a new weapon. With Trubisky currently rated as the only top 5 rated offensive player, it would be wise to trade down.

Around 8th overall to 12th overall is a good spot to land a top 3 wide receiver. Mike Williams had a breakthrough performance in the national championship with solid regular season numbers and could be getting a high-grade depending on his combine and pro day. He is currently listed as a 1st round with a possible mid-round selection. Corey Davis is also most polished and Philadelphia Eagles have him as a priority. Corey Davis has the breakaway speed and man to man play making abilities that you want in a number one receiver. John Ross of University of Washington has also been one of the most dynamic red-zone threats in college football.

Second round targets

This would be a place where you can target a quarterback if he is still available or trade back into the 1st round to secure him. Heisman finalist and College Football Championship MVP Deshaun Watson is currently given a 2nd round grade. He throws a lot of passes and is very mobile. The problem is that mobile quarterbacks are not a fad anymore and the 49ers already had a mobile quarterback this year.  Watson may be more dynamic and possibly a better passer than Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick lacked the ability to throw a touch pass and threw with too much velocity at times. Watson is able to vary his speeds depending on the situation. Watson would be a much better educated guess at a later pick than Trubisky at 2nd overall.

Another target could be O.J. Howard. The Alabama tight end dazzled in two consecutive championship games and is the best tight end coming into the league. He has the skills that can propel him into the Gronkowski, Kelce, and Jimmy Graham conversation with his huge frame at 6’6” 246 lbs. He can block, catch, and run in open space. To get the best player in a position in the 2nd round is a steal and should be looked at in the 2nd round.

Raekwon McMillan with 102 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 2 sacks, and 4 pass deflections is an impressive number when you consider 115 tackles, 4 sacks, and 2 pass deflections for Reuben Foster. Reuben played one more game than Raekwon. The 49ers desperately lacked a presence in the middle with Ray Ray Armstrong and Navarro Bowman out with injuries. For Navarro Bowman, it was his second major injury in 3 years. McMillan currently has a 2nd round grade and is coming off a solid playoff game of 15 tackles.


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