The New Golden Age of West Coast Hoops?

The renaissance of west coast basketball shines brightly on Final Four weekend


Another blown lead? When will they learn?

The Warriors gave up a 24 point lead in an overtime loss Friday night loss at home versus the Grizzlies.  A game where the Warriors were cruising for the first 3 quarters.  The ball movement was amazing, the defense was spectacular, and the shots were falling.  It was during the 4th quarter when everything fell apart.... Continue Reading →

Should the Warriors make a move?

Absolutely they do.  The Cavs just made a trade with the Atlanta Hawks for sharpshooter Kyler Korver.  Does he make a big difference for the Cavs? He definitely fills the void that JR Smith has left open due to injury.  Kyle Korver isn't as athletic as JR but is definitely a better shooter than him.... Continue Reading →

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